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    Scientific Research


    Ontario GroupOntario Group thanks to a big knowledge about the scientific technology and the presence of an highly specialized and qualified staff, biologists and chemists, created and developped a line of scientific research, that nowadays boasts of its presence into some prestigious research projects, in collaboration with partners of relief in the scientific International field.


    The project’s goal has been to value the possibility of a reference’s network, inside of the Sicily region, to create and organize in the regional territory a network of Biobanks, in order to support the existing medical structures, integrating and using the resources of the single research places, in the field of the preservation of the tissue samples, of tumorals cells, dna and other biological material, which are a source of nourishment for the biomedical research and the research of the pharmaceutical industries.

    The main goal of the project is the settlement of an organizing model inside of the structures, which is able to guarantee a faithful tracing of the sample and of the clinical-anamnestic informations, using technologies and informative innovative systems for the definition and the automation of the procedures, concerning the technical aspects (entry and reservation of the sample) and the linked related aspects for the registration of the clinical-amnestic data.

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    The “ACGH PROGENIE PROJECT”, design of slides for array CGH for genomic analises aiming at the diagnosis and the prevention of some pathologies at high medical and social impact”, aims, nowadays, to the production of a new service based on the genomic analises of array CGH and genetic in NGS.

    With this service the aim is to effect the experimentation of the slides and of the genic panels. Designed for the prevention and the diagnosis of pathologies at high medical and social impact, such as mental retardation sindrome, during the prenatal phase, whose prevalence rates, nowadays, fluctuate between 0,5% and 2,5% for the industrialized countries and 4,6 % for the developing countries and regarding four different types of cancer: colorectal cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, ovarian tumor.

    The colorectal cancer represents, nowadays, the third tumor, which is the most commonly diagnosed in the world, with about 1.23 millions of cases diagnosed every year and 600.000 deaths.
    The melanoma is the cause of the 75% of deaths associated to the skin cancer.
    Every year about 160.000 new cases are diagnosed and about 48.000 of people die, because of the consequences related to the melanoma.

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